Since the business was founded, a key focus has been to establish strong patent protection around our key innovations.

We currently have three wholly owned patent families including 30 patents or patent applications. We are constantly expanding, broadening and developing our intellectual property portfolio.

We are also committed to protecting our intellectual property estate of patent rights and trade secrets and the potential commercial and clinical advantages this protection provides for our proprietary technology.

Our patent portfolio includes issued patents and patent applications in the world’s major markets, including the United States, Europe and Japan.

Patent Family 1 - Granted

Protecting Recce’s unique and highly economical manufacturing process.

 Filed Status Expiry
Australia Australia Granted 2028
United States of America(USA) USA Granted 2029
European Union Europe Granted 2028
Germany Germany Granted 2028
Spain Spain Granted 2028
France France Granted 2029
United Kingdom(Great Britain) United Kingdom Granted 2028
Italy Italy Granted 2028
Sweden Sweden Granted 2028
Japan Japan Granted 2028
China China Granted 2028


Patent Family 2 - Provisional

Protecting Recce’s drug delivery opportunities.

Filed Status Expiry
   All PCT Countries  Pending  2034


Patent Family 3 - Provisional

Protecting Recce’s anti-viral and anti-cancer applications.

Filed Status Expiry
   All PCT Countries  Pending  2034


Trade Marks – Approved and Registered

Protecting RECCE® for use on antibiotic and pharmaceutical products and services

Filed Status Expiry
Australia  Australia  Registered 2026
United States of America(USA)  USA  Registered  2026
European Union  Europe  Registered  2026
Japan  Japan  Registered  2026
China China  Registered  2026

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