Recce Pharmaceuticals has developed a new class of synthetic antibiotics. These new compounds have demonstrated safety and efficacy in a range of pre-clinical tests to destroy a number of common antibiotic resistant bacteria.

Our lead compound shows positive activity against a broad range of multi-drug resistant gram-negative and gram-positive bacterial infections.

  • Commercial antibiotics are naturally derived – superbugs to them have been forming for millenniums – and will continue to do so.
  • RECCE® 327 is wholly synthetic and works by destroying the bacteria.
  • Designed with a purpose, monomers attracted to the unique ‘lipid’ outer-membranes of all bacteria.
  • Designed with a purpose, monomers chosen with desired characteristics – not reliant of what was found in nature.
  • Research into synthetic antibiotics is on the rise.

While our main focus is on the development of RECCE® 327 for sepsis, we have a number of other lead product candidates which seek to exploit its unique capabilities as a bacterial antibiotic. Our emerging pipeline of product candidates targets a number of common viruses.



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